This book …

If I told you how important this book has been to me, you still wouldn’t understand.  If I told you that this book is motivation for doing this blog, and posting four times in a single day, it may make sense.  This book was a shining light for me, after a month in mental darkness.  It showed me that there are other people out there who have this – and more severe forms of it – challenge and have lived, and loved, and had fulfilling meaningful lives.

Dr Jamison seems to have written most of this right out of my mind.   The title, is quite perfect as well when you think about it.  If I had to look back across my life before Feb 17, 2017 this would be how I described my mental state.

I can live well with this.  It won’t be easy.  There will be nights like tonight, where a simple email from someone sent me close to the brink of full on mania.  There will always be pills.  Pills.  But I have to believe that I can live well with this, o it would be far too easy to stop living.

This book is my hope.  Hope for a normal (what the hell does that mean anyway?) life.   Hope for the sparkling meteoric career I have slowly gone mad for and from.  Hope that I can regain at least an understanding of how my mind should function so I can function how I need to as a man.

Whether recently diagnosed, a family member of someone who is, or anything in between, I cannot recommend this book enough.  Hope – found in the Psychology section at Barnes and Noble.  img_0006


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