And then there’s no warning at all …

Literally.   Turning right out of the Chik-fil-a drive through and my brain exploded.   Anxiety level went from 0 to 150, I started having trouble breathing, I started crying, every muscle in my body from my toes to my ears went tense.   No warning.  No ball of ice.   

I will say that I forgot to take my bipolar medicine last night … but I was told by a reputable pharmacist in Oklahoma that missing one day shouldn’t affect me in a bad way.  It leads you to wonder though.   My day has been long already, and full to boot.   I’ve got a high impact 90 minutes coming up here shortly and then I’ll be able to head home and decompress.   

My lifeline saved me here.  If you’re going through this, and you don’t have one – get one.  


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