In-som-nia: bipolar for loneliness

I’m not sure if it’s related to the drugs, or related to the mania, or just because I’m excited that it’s (now) Friday … but I’m still awake. 

Zero sleep in my eyes.  

Zero fatigue in my brain.  

Zero positivity in my mind right now. 

But 10,000,000 thoughts, feelings, and emotions running around between my ears.   I can’t pump the brakes in my own brain long enough to even think about sleep.  Megan was an angel and stayed up with me and we talked for awhile, but she’d had a long day with sick kiddos and went – understandably and reasonably so – to bed at 11. I’ve done as much work on my laptop as I can, I’ve done 120 push-ups, I’m watching Seinfeld, and now I’m here.  

I’m lonely.  That’s the real curse of this.  


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