The new normal?  

I hate how I feel completely mentally overwhelmed by things that used to be second nature.  It’s all I can, and it takes all the mental gas out of my tank to help with the end of day activities that come with having two young kids.  It feels lame.  I feel shame in having to excuse myself and hide in my room for fifteen minute because I feel my world starting to spin.  

My kids are too important to me to not fight for this though.  Feeling like I’m as equal of a partner as possible is important to me, so I do my very best to fight through the anxiety and the overall mental anguish.   

I am trying to accept the realities that acknowledging this mental health challenge are bringing to my life.   I can’t say I’m embracing the change happily, but I am at least the point of being angry about it.   Normal is a relative term though, right?  I just want to find what my normal is now.   


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