Top ten list 

I was always a bigger fan of Letterman than Leno, and part of it was his top ten lists.   We will leave the Leno/Letterman debate for later in another post, but here is my top ten list of things mania did for me. 

10. Gave me courage to go after positions and professions that I never would have otherwise touched. 

9. Pushed me to do the most possible with what was in front of me. 

8. Helped me feel like, and more importantly believe that I was capable of anything. 

7. Directed me into my current career – and yes, there is a long line from cell selling cell phones to selling in higher ed, but the mania got me hooked on the adrenaline of closing a sale.  

6. Made me more sensitive to changes in people’s attitudes around me.  If I was up, and they were up but then went down, I could feel it very clearly.  

5. Made me competitive as hell.   I wanted to go further, stronger, and faster than everyone around me in everything I did.  

4. Drove me to become educated and well versed.  If I read one book about a topic, then I wanted to read everything ever written about that topic.   Made myself pretty darn smart.  

3. Helped me hone in on what I was good at, because I wanted to do everything.   From there, I was able to pull what I was really good at, and turn it into passion.

2. Gave me an energy for life that drove me from the moment my feet hit the ground until the moment I ran out of gas for the day.   I wanted to go, go, go.  All.  The.  Time.  

1. Made all things in my life brighter.   The colors in the sky, the deepness of my joy at holding my children, the satisfaction of growing into the man that I know I’m supposed to be.  All of that was bigger and brighter and clearer because of my mania.  


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