Entry #1 April 6

Today in my first group session here the therapist talked about persistent symptoms.  The definition of it according to this handout is “symptoms that occur much of the time, including anxiety, hearing voices, having depression, and having suspicions about others.  Persistent symptoms can be distressing and at times stop you from enjoying life.”

As we talked about them in the session, I had the realization that I have a strong set of lifelines and coping skills for when I’ve got suicidal thoughts.  What I needed, and why I came to this facility in the first place was to get to the root of it all and figure out how to handle the triggers of the suicidal thoughts.  It was a moment of clarity when I had the thought that I can use the same lifelines and coping skills for the triggers … the same solutions work for both problems.  Seriously, it was like the clouds parted.  I’ve figured out how to get the most out of my time here now.


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