Entry #3 April 7

Sitting through an art therapy session for the first time today was certainly an interesting experience.  We talked about physical resilience and psychological resilience.  The definitions are quite different – but speak to the same idea:

physical resilience: The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity. The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

psychological resilience:  The ability to successfully adapt to life tasks in the face of social disadvantage or highly adverse conditions.  Adversity and stress can come in the shape of family or relationship problems, health problems, or workplace worries among others.

There were several great quotes too:

  1. Fall seven times, stand up eight. – unknown
  2. Owning your story is the bravest thing you will ever do. – Brene Brown

As part of the session, we had to draw a picture representing our ideas of resilience. My picture, and what I based it off of, are at the bottom of this post.

Being diagnosed with bipolar I and put on meds is the gaping hole under the tree.  I’m actual tree, and I’ve lost a lot of my perceived strength and foundation.  These images show incredible strength from this tree.  The refusal to crumble and fall has to be my clarion call right now.  I cannot fail – too many important people in my world depend on me.

Notice where the sun is?  Is it setting?  Is it rising?  That the question that I will have to answer daily, because the answer is up to me.  I prefer to look at it like the sun in coming up on a new stage of my life.

What I actually did.
What my picture was based on.

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