Where was I? 

Many of you knew already, the rest of you were likely able to infer from the prior post, that I spent some time recently in an inpatient mental health facility here in San Antonio. 

I checked in last Wednesday evening, and checked out last night at around 4:30 or so.   Its been an interesting process not having much – if any – contact with the outside world.  Also, no access to electronics, an hour by hour structure and being pulled way out of my comfort zone mentally.  

While I was in the facility I kept a paper journal and wrote multiple daily entries.   What follow is the chronological record of my time there.  Sharing that time and those experiences with people is part of the healing process.   Please – if you have questions, or want to discuss things, let’s do it.   But again – what follows is my experience in this location.   

Here we go.  


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