Entry #6 April 7

Looking Into the Eyes of the Enemy

I was raised with a strong, solid foundation of belief in the Savior Jesus Christ.

That declaration, whether follow by extra explanations of belief in Mormonism, Lutheranism, Catholicism, or whatever -ism you please, explains that I believe in God and His son, Jesus Christ.  Belief in them also signifies an acknowledgement of belief in their opposite number Satan.  He is not just an enemy of all righteousness, but also totally against my achieving long term eternal joy.

In the unit where I am staying, there is a patient who feels like looking into the eyes of the enemy.  This person has, in separate conversations, spent considerable energy trying to convince me that my specific beliefs (which I certainly hadn’t been standing on a table preaching about – this ain’t the place for that) are wrong and a waste of time.  Also, he has spent considerable amounts of time trying to convince me that this facility is a was of time and that I should leave and go to a different program or different facility.

It’s interesting because I believe firmly and declare so here – my beliefs prompted me to come here in the first place.

This patient wasn’t forceful or angry, but was subtle and tried to mix his knowledge in with my weak points.  “The philosophies of men, mingled with scripture.”  Many of you reading this will know what I mean when I type that and more fully understand my explanation and descriptions of this patient after reading that.

I looked into the eyes of the enemy today and didn’t blink.  That’s a win.


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