Entry #7 April 8

Beatles_-_Abbey_RoadThe power of music was made clear today for me.  We went out this morning and had free time with music, and it was glorious.  Throughout this experience, dating all the way back to when the first meds kicked on and side effects began to be seen – music has been an escape.

Music is such a powerful happy too for me.  The therapist running the session was taking requests and the last one was mine and of course it was from The Beatles.  It was “Here Comes the Sun,” and it just made me so happy.  It was a combination of a strong spiritual experience and just a moment of bright clairvoyance.  The sun is coming out for me in my life and in this experience.

It also helped the moment be more powerful, that the clouds did indeed part as the song was playing and the sun did come out.  Everything will be alright.  The sun is going to come out for me.

George Harrison Singing “Here Comes the Sun”


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