Entry #13 April 9

Ever since I was put back in mid-February I have only been able to go to church three times – and only been there for Sacrament meeting at that.  The medicines have brought out the most horrible side effects that we’ve already discussed, and I just haven’t been able to.

I miss it though.  I’ve missed it every week I haven’t gone, and today where I 100% cannot go, I really miss it.  Listen, I’m not a perfect Mormon.  I’m not a perfect person.   I’ve never pretended to be.  Church is for those who need spiritual healing, not those who have achieved it already.  I miss it, I miss it a lot.

My hope is that the next 24 hours are good to me from a medicine point of view so I can get out of here and go home.  Then next Sunday, I will do everything possible to get to church for at lest the first hour.  My new reality HAS to have church as a part of it.



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