Entry #14 April 9


Just got off the phone with Megan and it is good to be able to hear her voice.I’m glad I can call her during the day.   Lilly also jumped on the phone and I loved hearing her sweet voice.  I love my family.

I need my family.

I just talked to the lead RN, and she said she will do her best to get my therapist here today but would that I would definitely be top priority on the discharge list for tomorrow, 4/10 or even 4/11, not today.  It’s not worth the energy to be upset when they told me that there was a miss on their side, that I should have been seen on Friday.  My goal was to get home Monday.  I think I’ve made that clear.  However – I’ve got to get ready for the chance that I don’t get home then.  Giving that all one more day wouldn’t be the worst.

Still, Monday is the goal.

I’ll also talk to my MD this afternoon and tell her I feel like I’m ready to go home.  Maybe that gets the ball rolling?


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