Entry #15 April 9

The Sun Will Come out … tomorrow??

This has been a really good day and I’m glad for it.  Although not the best from a weather side – it’s been kind of cloudy and grey – it’s been a really good day for me inside my mind and heart.  I am glad that I continue to see improvement.  It makes me glad that I came here and that I’ve given myself time to stabilize with the meds.

It’s been nice to feel normal again, like the Will Walter I was when I was 21 years old, and just home from my mission (good looking dude, right?):


I know I can’t be the Will I was when I came home.  I’m not 21, and that’s not me anymore.  I’ve lived several lifetimes in ten years – but mentally, that’s where I was when I came home, and that’s the benchmark.

They talk about relapse prevention planning here.  For me that comes down to these points:

  • NEVER go off meds
  • Keep my three lifelines ready to go and close at hand
  • Continue to get therapy until my support team and I determine I’m done
  • Get to church every Sunday at least for Sacrament meeting and work up from there
  • Be honest and open with family and friends about what is going on in my life



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