Entry #16 April 9 – An obituary to mania


Died, February 17, 2017.

A beautiful mind belonging to John William Walter IV.  His beautiful mind, his mania, went undiagnosed for years but it’s likely he had been suffering from it his whole life. That mania drove Will to high levels in many things both good and bad – academically, professionally, and interpersonally.  He drove himself to heights never before seen, all while pushing his marriage, and the things that matter the most to the brink.  That is the curse of a beautiful mind – not Will, nor anyone around him knew or had any idea that anything was wrong.

The mania, that beautiful mind, did not, and does not define John William Walter IV the man though.  The mania is survived by a controlled, level, sane mind; one that will be able to live for and lead his family in partnership with his beloved Megan for the rest of eternity.

The Beautiful Mind of John William Walter IV

November 26, 1985 – February 17, 2017


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