Entry #17 April 10

The Sinton Texas Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

I think all of the talk and thought yesterday about my mission took my mind there during sleep last night.  In my dream, I was driving home from Corpus Christi for some work related something and decided to drive through Sinton.

As I drove that similar route to the chapel in Sinton, the town looked different.  The moment when I rounded the final turn to the chapel still takes my breath away now just writing about it.  Gone was the small single hallway, almost pre phase one building I spent six months of my mission  in.  In it’s place was a HUGE new beautiful gleaming stake center.  There was still construction equipment there, but it was close to being a completed structure.  I saw many familiar faces – Brother and Sister Munger, Brother and Sister Johnson, Domingo and Joe Christensen and Matt Deighton.  It was one of the biggest and most beautiful sights I’d ever seen and I woke up smiling.

Now, a few realities about that dream:

  • As far as I know, the Sinton branch and area closed at least a year ago.  I don’t think they’ll be building a new building anytime soon.
  • I haven’t had a good dream in many many weeks, if not good month.  The only dreams I’ve remembered when I’ve woken up have been the nightmares.  So to remember this dream is real real good.

What does all that say to me and my mind right now?

I see it as a sign of the rebuilding that is going on in my mind.  Sinton is the area that is the most dear to me from my mission.  I grew most as a man, as a missionary, and as a son of God in those six months.  Deighton, Christianson, and I worked ourselves to the bone and it was amazing.  As I continue to work hard, whether here in this inpatient facility or at home … and really both, I can grow again, as a man, a husband, a father, and a son of God.  I can take myself from this level – a small prephase one building – and rebuild myself mentally, spiritually, and more, to a level never before seen.

This process has certainly been arduous, but this week has been eye opening and slate cleaning.



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