Entry #19 April 11

Macro, not Micro

There are some patients here who seem to get so focused on small things like “you pronounced my name wrong,” losing their cool because of the music that’s on, flipping tables over because their discharge orders have not been written yet and much much more, that they clearly arent’ getting anything out of their stay here.  Now – I’ll recognize and admit, that of the “small things” group, most of them probably aren’t voluntary admissions.  It just makes me sad seeing people not getting the help possible.

I am ready to go home.  If all goes to plan, I will be checking out of here and at my own house with my girls before the end of the day.  The out processing process takes several hours, but I’m going to hold my doctor to her word on it, and get out of here.  Like I said, it’s time to take macro down to micro.   For me – the micro happens at home with my family.



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