Entry # 21 April 11

Hope Lies in the Journey

What do I hope I gained from all this?  There’s a lot of time to think today – we are slightly off schedule and my doctor is showing up later than she has due to us being off.

With that in mind, here is a list of what I hope I gained from this stay:

  1. A larger group of tools that I know I can use to keep myself safe.
  2. My support group is now defined and I know what I need from them.
  3. I have a defined set of coping skills now that I can put into place.  Before this stay, I barely knew what that term mean let alone had personalized ones.
  4. I know, and can define my triggers.
  5. I have hope again that I can be a positive influence in my family again.  This stay been transformational … it’s time to take it home now, and make it transcendent.

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