Can I parent with this? 

That’s an important question I’d say.  It’s one that really came out tonight as I had to step in to the role of disciplinarian.   Really and truly it was hard.  It was something that causes me to doubt my skills and abilities as a father and it’s easy to start crumbling.

Parenting with a mental illness – and I freely and readily admit there are many out there who do more than I do with worse illnesses – is hard. You’ve got to attack things slowly while they’re coming at you from 359 degrees and 2999 miles per hour.   For me – I always have to take the time to separate the noise in my mind from what my eyes are telling me.

Megan tells me hat I’ve shown more improvement as a parent since I got home from the treatment facility than she’s seen in a long time.  She’s too cool to be wrong, right?


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