The Mornings are Quiet

Mentally and spiritually, early mornings are really some of my favorite times of the day.  For some weird reason, I’ve started waking up in the mornings between 5:30 and 6:30 so I’ve had more than a few minutes to myself.  Quite openly, it’s been delightful.

Spiritual peace doesn’t need to refer to a specific set of beliefs, just a time when you can be at peace with the next level of energy inside of you.  For me, as a Mormon, that means that I feel peace coming from the Holy Ghost as I read the scriptures, listen to peaceful music, or listen to conference talks.  It has made a huge difference in who I am and in how I deal with all of this.

I need spirituality in my life to continue to  maintain and heal and grow in my post treatment life.  There’s a reason that all the 12 step programs lean heavily on a higher power as a source of support:  it works.

These quiet moments in my mind and heart make it all easier to deal with: the frustration from my bipolar existence, the anxiety I feel on a daily basis, the questions I have over my skills as a parent … these quiet moments give me a chance to believe in myself and my ability to be what I want to be instead of just what I’m limited to being.



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