Forever young

I’ll say this here and make it clear – despite my alarming rate of increase in gray hair, and the seriousness of my diagnosis and medicines that I’m taking, and my job and my responsibilities etc etc etc … I refuse to feel old.   Antipsychotics can make you feel old as heck when you forget things, when you are losing things, or when you are just wanting to sleep all the time.

But this morning has been a bright sunny day.  My graying hair has glistened in the sunshine as the skies have not had a single cloud in them.   It’s a beautiful day outside and it’s been a better day in my heart.  I’m glad for today and what it means to me.  Let’s call it a day we put in the memory banks and save for later because we all know that unfortunately the dark days come too, and the memories from today will save those darker days from being as bad.

Thats why I titled this entry what I did, and why I’ve put this YouTube link in.  Give it a listen, and have a great hopefully sunshiney day (I’ll be back later with more):


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