Never Run

“Never run when you can walk, never walk when you can stand, never stand when you can sit, never sit when you can lay down, never lay down when you can sleep, and NEVER pass a supply of clean water.”  Marine Corps poem

In essence, don’t go further than you’re able to at the moment.  This poem came to the public in the HBO WWII miniseries, The Pacific, but has been around for years.  My take on this, and where this hit me today as I was watching this one of the episodes from the show tonight and thinking about everything that has gone on in the last five months in my mind and heart.

  • I am a diagnosed sufferer of bipolar disorder, but I wouldn’t have found out the diagnosis if I had never taken the steps to get treatment.
  • Meds suck horribly.  There are physical and mental side effects like you wouldn’t believe, but the other major issues would be bigger and more major if I didn’t take them.
  • I have a support team from heaven.  Quite literally, I have a group of people around me that I believe 100% were placed in my path prior to this whole experience, and that they are there to help me get through this time.
  • Panic and anxiety strike when THEY want, not when you’ve got time for, or were expecting it.  See B and C  above for further discussion points.

I do love lists, don’t I?

I just really wanted to talk tonight about how glad I am to be as aware and functioning as I am after only three months.  I’m glad for that, and I’m glad for all of you.


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