Peace of puzzles

IMG_1464So puzzles have always been a fun activity for me.   Growing up, there was frequently a puzzle found on a table somewhere in our house and for Christmas nearly every year the big man in red gave me a new puzzle.  I have to say that the love of those puzzles has not lessened in the 10 years since I left home.

When I was diagnosed initially back in February it literally knocked me upside down.  First there were all the crazy side effects, the immediate worst of them being insomnia.   I went from being a solid sleeper at night to getting MAYBE two or three hours nightly.  One thing that  at least calmed me down was puzzles.  Over the last three months since my diagnosis I’ve done ten  500 or 1000 piece puzzles, and I can honestly say that this one saved my life.  img_1468.jpg

In January after I attempted to take my life I sat down and built this puzzle, all 1000 pieces, in 48 hours.

There are similar stories for every one that I completed … if any of you have stuck with me from the beginning when I began this blog, you’ll know that I posted some pictures of the puzzles I was working at that time.   These puzzles were two fold in their purposes for me: 1) it occupied my mind and helped slow it down at the worst times and 2) it kept me safe and occupied during insomnia so I wouldn’t feel the pull to do anything unsafe.  

Can I be honest and say that while I feel like I’m mostly in a good state and that the bipolar is under control right now, I still have a table with a puzzle I’m working on?  It’s up 24/7 and I can hit it at any time.  IMG_1469

There is peace for my weary mind in the pieces of puzzles.



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