That’s about all I’ve got, and all I can even think about saying right now.

There’s been such a roller coaster of emotion and change and just wow over the last five days I can hardly stand it.  Just Wow.  It’s not even a bad wow, it’s one of those situations where you really get to sit back and say, “Wow, is this real?  Can this really be happening this way?”

This wow is also why I am feeling super manic today.  I am unbeatable.  I am inflated so much that I could literally float away.  I am on fire, indestructible, unstoppable, unflappable, and the best thing to happen in my world since my world began.  In my heart I feel like I can feel the neurons firing and misfiring and exploding in my head.  So … with that being said – that’s why I’m here today, writing right freaking now, so that I can start to reign in the mania.  My goodness it needs to be chained down because … well, because we know what happens when mania isn’t stopped on it’s upward swing.  I’m not going to let that happen, so here we are.  Am I hypomanic right now?

I saw something a display today, that really affected me.  About a week ago, a police officer in the city where I live was killed in the line of duty and today was his funeral.  I happened to be heading north on the highway when his funeral procession was headed south.  It was such a stark but touching scene to see actual miles and miles of police vehicles moving slowly with precision and respect.  Everywhere I saw there were cars pulled over and (I’d imagine they were likely) veterans, or current active duty members of the military out saluting the procession as it went by.  It was as moment to remind you that America has a lot of joy in it’s core, and that we are surrounded on a daily basis by people who are willing to serve and sacrifice.  I am glad that I got to see such a great display of respect live.

It also reminded me that I am blessed to be able to do what I do professionally, but also personally.  Sometimes I sell myself short and think that I haven’t done anything measurable for society when I compare myself to military members or first responders, but I only felt grateful for them today.


Such power is packed in a little three letter word.

I’m glad to know that I’m being guided through some great times in my life right now.


2 thoughts on “WOW.

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  1. I love hearing about your moments of happiness and sadness and everything in between. Recently, I’ve been rapid cycling like crazy, and right now I happen to feel the way you are feeling. Unstoppable,, like I could conquer the world in one fell swoop. I’m bipolar 2, so I’m sure i feel mania differently than how you do, but still. I like knowing there is someone out there that knows what it’s like to live in my brain.


  2. Very well said, but always remember not to compare yourself with anyone else. You are a son of God, a unique and wonderful son, husband, father and we love you beyond measure. You are a friend to many and example for good to all who know you. Never sell yourself short. You have much to offer all. Love you so much! Mom


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